Azri Ibrahim

Regional Technical Manager of Airbus

Growing up loving what most boys are passionate about – airplanes, Mohd Azri Ibrahim is having the time of his life right now. Working as the regional technical manager, Azri is housed within one of the biggest aeronautics company, Airbus. Specialised in Technical Data and Engineering/Maintenance, Azri has worked with over 70 airlines across the Asia Pacific region covering various Airbus fleet, as well as local authorities, MROs and lessors. Aside from providing professional consultation, Azri’s profession has also led him to explore other interests in his life, such as travelling. A seasoned traveller himself, Azri has a desire for adventure while also being determined to push the boundaries beyond his comfort zone.

We speak about how he balances his career and lifestyle in this 2019 interview.

How do you think your current lifestyle defines you?

I spend 60 percent of my time travelling across different countries and cities, while retaining my social life with my family and friends, and not forgetting to be active by doing sports and many other activities. My lifestyle has benefitted me by allowing myself to be more flexible, opened, and more skilled in terms of managing. In addition, my lifestyle has also prompted me to be more creative and innovative, while also reminding me to stay active and motivated all the time.

August Man Malaysia is a magazine for the discerning gentleman. What makes a gentleman in this era?

A gentleman in this era needs to be an all-rounder. Smart, passionate, as well as staying true to a vision while remaining active physically.

The A-List is about experiences. Can you describe your ultimate experience?

My ultimate experience is my whole life now! Seize the day!

What are your thoughts on social media?

Social media is a platform to connect with people near or far. It also enables us to reconnect with our long-lost friends. It’s also a good place to share our best experiences and recommendations.

What is your mission in life?

To improve the community.

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