Brian Ong

Director of Operations at Axa Partners

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Studies, Administration and Management, Brian comes with over 20 years of experience in emergency assistance with a comprehensive portfolio that includes medical assistance, travel, concierge and roadside assistance. Once the head of operations at Mondial Assistance Malaysia and Singapore, he has joined AXA Partners as the director of operations for the Asia Travel Hub, spearheading the operational excellence of seven countries across the region in providing travel, motor, health and lifestyle solutions. A fitness enthusiast, Brian competes in dragon boat racing and often travels to expand his horizons.

What drives you to achieve your goals?

A chance to make life better for another. This is the mantra I live by, whether with friends, family, colleagues or clients. Being able to see them through their daily challenges inspires me. Being in medical assistance means we respond to distressed customers with help and safety as quickly as possible in the moment of truth.

What is your strategy in times of need?

There are different ideas and ways to tackle different situations. We work together to refine those into one final plan. Keeping an open mind and thinking outside the box help spur us on and push the envelope. After 20 years in the field, I still find myself learning something new every day with relish.

How has the digital revolution shaped your life?

It has pushed us to be more responsive with instant communication.
This drives innovation in the services we provide and ensures that we are with our customers throughout their journey to safety. The flip side is that opinions can sometimes be merciless and go viral should there be a misstep. But it keeps us on our toes. It’s important that we stay up to date and use new developments to our advantage.

Share with us the most memorable adventure you’ve had so far.

It would be the time that I travelled to Birmingham, UK to reconnect with my grandmother. She had moved there 60 years ago, so you can imagine the desire to know her better. More than that, I did it for my dad who had been independent since four. Following long years of no contact after 2010, I booked a flight to London and searched for her in Birmingham, with no clear sense of her whereabouts. When we finally arrived, there was no answer, so after speaking to her neighbour, I decided to write a card and drop it off, but when I called the house one last time, her husband answered. We spent the next few hours chatting, going through her B&W photo album reminiscing her days as a nurse, her regrets and triumphs. The moment was truly golden, for me, my dad and the family.

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