Charles Chua

Corporate Lawyer

A corporate lawyer whose specialty includes Mergers & Acquisitions and Trade & Regulatory, Charles relocated back to Malaysia two years ago, following close to ten years of working in the UK and Canada. In his postgraduate days, he volunteered his legal services to a migrants’ help centre in support of migrants facing debt problems or needing immigration advice, as reported in The Guardian. While familiarising himself with the culture in Malaysia, the people person also has his finger on the pulse of business affairs involving China and the ASEAN region. In his personal time, Charles takes pleasure in travelling and food-hunting, with plans to discover various parts of Asia over the next few years.

We speak about what it takes to be successful and relevant in the age of digital revolution in this 2019 interview.

What drives you to achieve your goals?

I’d say curiosity has been the driving force behind most of my achievements. The strong desire to discover new things, coupled with motivation and clear goals have opened doors (to many exciting adventures) for me personally and professionally.

How do you think the digital revolution has shaped your life?

Technological advances have definitely made it easier to connect with people – be it clients or friends based in different time zones – and get the job done more efficiently, especially when I am on the move. I enjoy using e-wallets to make payments for my purchases, and I rely heavily on ride-hailing and food delivery apps to move about and sometimes, sort my meals.

What has been the most memorable adventure you’ve had in life so far?

My decision to relocate back to Malaysia three years ago, having spent (almost) the past decade living and working in Canada and the UK, would probably be one of the most adventurous decisions I have made to date. Aware of the need to readapt, I was determined to establish myself and experience life as a young working professional in Asia. Besides getting teased for my Malay on occasion, it has been an exciting adventure.

In your opinion, what are the qualities that make up a modern gentleman?

Well spoken and well presented, confident yet humble, respectful and grateful. Understand that everyone has his unique stories to share. It is important to stay fit and contribute to society. It goes without saying that a gentleman should be calm and collected.

What is your mission in life?

To never stop exploring. For me, it is important to always experience something interesting, and meet new people, be it in my local neighbourhood, attending social events, or simply trying out a new eatery in town.

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