Curwen Chai

Dentist & Founder of i’Raffles Dental Clinic

Dental surgeon, Curwen Chai is both hardworking and goal-oriented. When he was attached to a governmental hospital, he worked five days a week at the hospital and spent his weekends working at a private practice. After years of hard work, he founded his very own dental clinic, i’Raffles Dental Clinic at KL Sentral — where he works six days a week. Curwen is a firm believer that success comes from hard work, and aims to set a good example to the next generation of dentists. Whenever he can get off work, he would spend time on outdoor activities such as hiking and water rafting, or hit the gym for a hearty workout. Having backpacked up to four weeks during his student days, Bali being his favourite destination thus far. He is working towards the day when he gets to travel through the Middle East and Europe. 

We speak to him about his lifestyle, and how being an workaholic gets him closer to his goals in this 2018 interview.

What is your philosophy in life?

You have to work hard to achieve your goals in life. At this point of my life, it’s important that I achieve success in my career, and eventually, impact other people’s lives by creating more jobs for the younger generation in the dentistry industry through this little business I have.

How do you think your current lifestyle defines you?

I’m a workaholic. When I was attached to a governmental hospital a little over a year back, I worked five days a week, and during the weekend, I was at a private practice. Today, at my own practice, I work six days a week. A rather lifeless lifestyle, to be honest (laughs)!

What are some fo the things that you’re passionate about in life?

My job bounds me to merely the clinic, and besides my patients, I seldom get to meet new people outside of work. Whenever I can get off work, I’d spend time doing outdoor activities like white water rafting and hiking. I do hit the gym for workouts as well; it’s a form of stress relief for me. However, due to the heavy workload as of late, I’ve fallen behind on that.

August Man Malaysia is a magazine for the discerning gentleman. Personally, what do you think makes a gentleman in modern day context?

I suppose, someone who is kind-hearted and emphatic, as well as someone who is open-minded and does not fuss over the little things.

The A-List is about experiences. Tell us your ultimate life experience so far.

I enjoy backpack travelling a lot, and in the near future, I hope to travel through the Middle East and Europe. So far, I’ve gone to countries around Asia, most particularly Southeast Asia; when I was studying, I used to go backpacking for up to four weeks. Bali is my favourite destination so far.

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