Imran Fauzi

Pharmacist and Commercial Model

A man who truly enjoys the pursuit of knowledge, and has pure zest for life, Imran Fauzi – who is one half Malay and one half Kiwi – dabbles not only in the world of pharmaceuticals, he’s also a model (of which you would have most likely seen in his latest Shopee advertisement) plus is currently reading law.

Tell us how you got into modelling?

Having worked as a pharmacist at a hospital in New Zealand for a few years, I chose to come back to Malaysia, where my parents now reside. And when I returned here to be closer to them, as my siblings were all overseas, I stumbled upon this chance to expand my repertoire so to speak.

While I was waiting to register with the professional pharmaceutical body of the country to start practising back here – while awaiting to sit for the exam, someone asked if I’ve tried my hand at commercial modelling before?

He passed me a contact number of an agent, and yea, things started from there and never stopped till today. Somehow things have a way of working out itself I guess, and that’s essentially how I got involved with modelling. Since then I’ve done advertisements for numerous brands across all segments fo the market, from Porsche, to Akemi, Mariott Hotels and more.

How do you find the time to balance all that you do?

I’m one who believes that balance is the key to everything in life. I’ve always balanced, actually no, the term I’d use is juggled, many, many things throughout my life, even during my university years. Back then I would work part time, and do two sometimes three jobs, and I’m glad to say that I actually funded my own university studies. Basically whatever you prioritise on, you will make time for. So whether you’re a pharmacist, or a lawyer, you still need to make time, rather than find the time, which I’m sure you would, if you’re really into doing what you’re doing.

Speaking about being a lawyer, you also started reading law. Tell us a bit more about that.

Being someone who truly values knowledge, I was drawn to doing law because of the amazing conversations I’ve had with friends of mine who were lawyers. Then, to top if off, my eldest sister too is a lawyer, and seeing what she does inspired me somewhat as well.

Even during my years studying pharmacy as well, I was introduced slightly to the legal world. When dealing with drugs, there’s lots of law surrounding it. And that’s a realm that intrigues me too, plus pharmaceutical and legal knowledge does complement each other in a way.

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