Khalid Redzuan

Managing Director of Kraas Solutions

Despite his education in Business Studies, Khalid Redzuan, following a small renovation project as a subcontractor, has carved out a successful career for himself in construction and interior design through the company which he co-founded, Kraas Solutions. Having grown slowly but surely over the years, the company largely caters for public institutions such as schools and universities and affordable housing projects. He hits the gym on such regular basis that it has become a routine, and loves travelling the most. He emphasises that travel inspires new ideas and business concepts. 

We speak to him about founding Kraas Solutions, and what defines him as a successful modern day gentleman in this 2018 interview.

How did you get into construction?

To be honest, nobody expected me to get into construction, as my education background is Business Studies. But the opportunity kept on coming, one job after another, since I started on a small renovation project as a subcontractor. Slowly but surely, the volume grew, as did the sizes of the project, and before I knew it… here I am! Besides that, what I do at Kraas Solutions has something to do with what I like as a hobby as well: interior design. In construction, you’re required to sketch out the blueprint designs, and I enjoy that stage of the project particularly.

What is your philosophy in life?

Don’t be afraid to lose. Never be afraid. Even if you’ve tried and failed, it’s okay, as it is part of the learning process. If you’ve failed up to 10 times, don’t worry, as failure makes you wiser. You just need to get it right that one time.

The A-List is about experiences. Tell us your ultimate life experience so far.

I can’t exactly pinpoint just one ultimate life experience I’ve been through, but rather a collection of failures I have faced in getting to where I am today. It’s not to say that I already have success in the bag as we’re speaking now, as I believe there are still a few more failures for me to encounter and learn from.

What drives you to achieve the things that are important to you?

Family, of course! I strive to provide the best for my family. Also, it’d be nice to help people who doesn’t have the opportunity and resources to grow in their lives. Some people, they have the energy and ambition but they lack in resources. I’d like to assist and help these people achieve their dreams.

How do you think your current lifestyle defines you?

I hit the gym on a regular basis. It’s become such a routine that I can’t not go. Besides work, whenever there’s free time, I do enjoy a bit of drawing and playing music. I love travelling as well. I believe that new ideas and businesses come from travelling. The world’s water level is rising every day, and I read that Maldives will be off the map a few years down the road, so I’d like to go there soon before that happens.

August Man Malaysia is a magazine for the discerning gentleman. Personally, what do you think makes a gentleman in this modern era?

I believe that it’s something as simple as being nice to people, and helping those who are in need. Something as elementary as being humble and chivalrous.

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