Kingsley Tan

Entrepreneur, Laksamana Noodles

As someone who’s always been passionate about the food industry, Kingsley is well equipped with expertise in food science, even before taking over Laksamana Noodles which has been established in the market for over 45 years. As a food scientist and young entrepreneur, Kingsley believes in being innovative and relies on great leadership to bring his company to the next level.

What’s the biggest challenge for you, right now?

I’d say it’s adapting to multiple changes. We got to be consistent and unshakeable in terms of standards and product quality and yet, in order to meet market demand and go beyond expectations, we have to work on flexibility and innovation. As new plans and strategies are being implemented into our business, it’s vital to have solid structure backed by a strong team who is able to work professionally and have a limitless mindset to growth. Given my strength in food science, I have always preferred to blend in with the R&D team and work hand in hand to develop new creations that suit the current market. We seek to stay competitive and creative at all times.

What kind of new ideas?

For instance, consider the current trend that consumers want healthier alternatives, we aim to work on food fortification by adding micronutrients to our product. In addition, it’s also necessary to have a wide range of varieties to meet market demands. In terms of branding, our marketing team is tasked with introducing our brand to a newer generation of audiences. We will continue to create more opportunities for engagement with our consumers as it is an important task to keep the fruitful conversation going to develop our product value. It’s all about creating fresh content. These objectives would be impossible to achieve if I’m running the show alone. It’s absolutely essential to have good team support; that’s how brainstorming works too.

So you’re attracting new talents to join the business?

Definitely. Young people tend to be more innovative. But at the same time, individuals with experience is also a must. What I value most is team player who is eager to try out new things, be innovative and think out of the box. For us, we should never be afraid of failure. If we fail, we will try again and again until we succeed. These are the keys for business growth.

What do you think of the A-Listers?

I think it’s a very interesting platform for many of us to learn and grow as individuals. I’m grateful for the opportunity given and it’s my utmost pleasure to be part of the A-Listers!

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