Nigel Edwin & Neal Edwin

Business Development Executives at Rent A Pot

Two is better than one, after all. You can’t live one without the other when it comes to this dynamic duo, who has been joined at the hip since birth, albeit not literally: from nurturing a passion for speed through go-karting when they were kids, to performing in a band together, to this day, going into the plant rental and landscaping business together. Despite having zero knowledge in botany, Neal and Nigel Edwin jumped (with both two feet, we’d say) into the business of Rent A Pot two weeks after graduating from University with marketing degrees.

The Edwin twins lease plants to offices and restaurants, and service events, where they could hammer out some fabrications of woodwork and gazebos to pretty up the venue. Some of their notable clientele include the likes of Good Vibes Festival and the monthly creative platform RIUH.

We speak about their best adventures and their credo on being a gentleman in this 2019 interview.

What are some of the things you’re passionate about, besides plants?

You could say that our lives are very much revolved around music. We were
in a band called Barley Less Ice once, and have even gone as far as getting signed to a label – at that time, putting us in a position where music could potentially be a career for us. We both love speed as well, and we still organise drives with our friends, sometimes even driving out of town to go hiking.

What makes a gentleman in this modern era?

Someone who has class and integrity. We believe that it’s always important to make a good first impression, which is why it’s very important to dress up when you meet someone. The first thing we’d notice about someone is how he dresses, and from there, we would already have an inkling of the kind of person he is. That being said, it doesn’t always have to be a suit-and-tie ensemble; it can be rugged if you choose to. As long as you put an effort into what you wear – that’s a good first impression made in our books.

What would you say is the best adventure you’ve had so far?

For us, probably climbing Mount Kinabalu. We cannot exactly say it was a challenging ordeal, but it definitely took a lot out of us reaching the top. Not to mention, the satisfaction that went through the senses upon reaching the peak and seeing the breath taking scenery around you.

In this modern age, when “Likes” and “Followers” are important to the general public, what is the measure of success to you?

It’s not the quantity of people that follow you, but rather the quality. We’d rather followers we can interact with. We’re very much outgoing people; we enjoy meeting new people, and we enjoy the socialising that goes into it. It’s an opportunity to build our network with people, who could potentially become our new clients, if not, good friends – or both.

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