Reza Ramli

Director Strategic Marketing at KLFW

Raised and schooled in different parts of the world including Paris, Jordan, Venezuela and so forth, Reza is versed in different languages with a sophisticated understanding of global business and marketing, developed over the years from the international, cross-industry exposure he has had working at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW). In his role, Reza has attended various fashion weeks across the globe, from Bangkok to Paris, and is tasked with reaching out to and collaborating with multiple parties from different industries, from budding designers to companies like AirAsia and Fashion Valet, with the aim of elevating KLFW and the industry to greater heights. A strong proponent of local talents, he conducts workshops, connecting the right people and ideas with the right partners. A fan of basketball, he supports the StatSports League, purveyor of the most integrated experience of the game, on and off the court, by seeking sponsorships and fundings. Happy to be doing something meaningful, Reza inspires us with his strong sense of community.

We speak to him about his goals and how digital revolution has played a part in shaping his life and career in this 2019 interview.

What drives you to achieve your goals?

The vision; the process of turning it into a reality through a holistic approach. A chance to leave a lasting, positive impact on someone’s life or play a role in taking a brand/industry to the next level through the various platforms, events, and initiatives that I’m associated with and ultimately to inspire them to push the envelope – from fashion and lifestyle to amateur sports and community leagues, and my recent interest in e-sports.

How has the digital revolution shaped your life/career to date?

Everything is at your fingertips, making daily life and work more convenient. This leaves more room to focus on other things, and increases productivity and efficiency. I can stay connected 24/7 and work from anywhere, on the move, or off-site. Social media is amazing, it’s an outlet for me to explore creative story-telling and, hopefully, inspire people with my videos and contents. You would see me post videos of me training in the gym, doing cardio, challenging myself – in hopes of motivating people to just do it – all while keeping it 100 for the viewers.

What is the most memorable adventure you’ve had so far, and why you think it’s important to step out of your comfort zone from time to time?

My trip to the US – three cities in three weeks, from Orlando to Las Vegas, to Los Angeles, with a whole lot of activities. What made it special was my fiancé and her family. It was about creating experiences and memories, and more importantly, bonding with the family. Only by stepping out of your comfort zone can you grow and expand your horizons – you grow from experience.

What is your mission in life?

To be the best version of me, and constantly come out with new ways that will benefit any industry that I am a part of. To embrace change and live fully.

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