Rizal Kamal

Founder & CEO of LOL Events

“That joy of making people laugh, that’s something that you don’t get from most other professions.” This is the reason Rizal Kamal does what he does. The Founder and CEO of LOL Events he says that his proudest accomplishment so far is bringing Russell Peters to Malaysia twice, selling 16,000 tickets each time. Although the job seems like a whole lot of fun, Rizal says there’s a lot of serious work that goes on behind the scenes. “The industry is very difficult especially in Malaysia because there are a lot of restrictions. There are a lot of things we can and cannot do.”

Even though most of his comedy shows are at night, Rizal is decidedly a morning person. Often waking up early to hit the gym, Rizal says he is in the office by 10 am. “I will be working throughout the day and then have shows at night. It gets hectic especially during the weekends but being the boss, whenever I feel like not going into work, I can. That’s the best part!” Rizal was around when there were only three professional comedians in Malaysia and now he says there are about a dozen and they perform in Singapore, Australia, the USA, the UK and India. “I have the utmost respect for comedians, for people that can go on a stage and make other people laugh consistently.”

With so much of his work revolving around comedy, Rizal says singing lets him relax and enjoy himself. “Sometimes comedy is work. Comedy, comedy, comedy, go back, watch comedy videos, talk to artists about comedy, so music is my outlet.” He continues “I love to sing! I do jump on stage sometimes when there is a live band and I will sing one or two songs.”

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