Shaun Liew

Restaurateur & Entrepreneur

With a background in hospitality, Shaun Liew cut his teeth in the F&B industry by way of learning parts of the business in a renowned hotel and hospitality school locally. His professional career saw him start off as a lecturer and then went on to becoming an award-winning barista. However, he possessed an entrepreneurial mindset, which led him to start up his own businesses. Shaun thus established the popular eateries Yellow Brick Road and Wizards at Tribeca, to name but a few of his ventures since. When he’s not busy with work, you will find Shaun cafe hopping, or roaming about with his Sony a6000 or iPhone capturing photos of sights that inspire or move him.

We speak to him about the sustaining the F&B business during the pandemic and his love for food in this 2020 interview.

What is your personal favourite food?

I really love Japanese cuisine, and also enjoy Indian food too. I personally feel that there’s just so much flavours and exciting tastes to discover within those two cuisines. I’ll definitely never get bored of eating either one of those options and I’m pretty sure a lot of people will agree with me.

What would you recommend diners to try our at Yellow Brick Road and Wizards at Tribeca?

If you’re ever at Yellow Brick Road, you need to go for the pancakes – they’re really amazing, and depending on your preference, you can either opt for savoury or sweet. And if you’re at Wizards, do check out the unagi bao, which works well as comfort food or to tantalise your tastebuds. It’s just so flavourful and you’d definitely be back for more.

How did your business cope with the MCO?

Well our business was hit hard, because we depended a lot on the dine-in experience. So our volume dropped as we had to then rely on food delivery companies. However, we also initiated personal deliveries, and we’d send out food to our customers who lived nearby our outlets. Then we also had to discuss with our landlords to renegotiate on rental rebates, and thankfully we have an understanding team, and could openly discuss salaries. We just needed to ensure that our operating expenses were managed well. The good thing is that now people are allowed to dine in.

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