Sherman Lau

Executive Director of DC Lau Corporation, Triple Tree & Hair Cottage by Juno’s

The A-Listers aren’t a special bunch; the maddening undertone is that they are much like you and I. And they agree that life offers more lemons than is ever necessary. Still, not a single person strode into our shoot with a hint of self- importance. They were gracious, self-effacing and coolly confident in the way only a self-made man can be. The secret is that they don’t let life’s hectoring vagaries distract them from the ultimate prize. To these guys, and Sherman Lau in particular, any obstacle is surmountable, any rejection is a signpost to better opportunities. And like all the guys we’re highlighting, who look like they’ve got cushy jobs and the window cubicle, he started at square one.

“Why did I opt for electrical engineering? To be honest, there were so many options on the table. I just picked the one that made the most sense. Electrical engineering is a precise, systematic and rational science. I guess I enjoy that.”

These days he manages national projects in the energy and utilities sector for a multinational. I ask a silly question about managing tech or people.

“Technology is easy! The toughest thing is managing people. Motivating them, aligning them to the mission, that stuff is the hardest part of my job. Dictatorial styles are long gone. You have to influence them gently, listen to their concerns. And most importantly, show them you are part of the solution.”

Lastly, I venture about his first thought when we asked him to join our A-List. “A very big WOW. Am I really A-Lister material? But it was something fun and a great way to meet new people who are not in tech,” he laughs, incredulously, boyishly, genuinely.

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