Syafiq Mobin

Strategic Marketing, CIMB Islamic and Co-founder of Raudhatul Al-Faeez Orphanage Home

A young man with a big heart, Syafiq Mobin shoulders a lot of responsibilities. The assistant manager who handles marketing, communication and corporate social responsibilities at CIMB can also be found dedicating his free time generously to volunteering. With his mother’s wisdom and ideals in life embedded in him ever since he was a kid, it didn’t take long before he followed in her footsteps. Even at an early age, he understood how important it is to lend a helping hand to those who simply cannot afford the luxuries of living under a roof with food on the table.

In 2020, Syafiq rolled out a program to help ease the burden of communities added by the deadly virus, Covid-19. Together with his team, they initiated a food supply distribution to the vulnerable communities all over Malaysia and have successfully reached more than a hundred families—while their efforts received recognition from the White House.

What inspired you to open an orphanage?

I think it came from my parents, my mum has always been a great example in my life. Once I entered university, I began getting more and more involved with community work where I would regularly participate in activities and through that I found my passion—where I consider myself lucky to have found what I love doing at a very early age. When I graduated school, I knew I wanted to work in an industry that revolves around giving back to the people. A Good Samaritan donated a piece of land along with a ready-made house, together with my godmother, we started Raudhatul Al-Faeez—a shelter for orphans, neglected and underprivileged children from around Selangor and a few other states.

How has the pandemic and MCO shaped your life?

Because what I do is mainly centred around people, it affected me a lot. When the pandemic first hit our country in March 2020, just like everyone and any other job, we had to shift everything to a digital platform. I would say managing 30 kids is easier said than done but I am grateful everything turned out well—we’ve bonded even more than ever given how we are constantly at home.

What advice do you have for the younger generation who are the future leaders of Malaysia?
If you think of the younger generation, you’ll think of digitalisation. Everywhere you go, you’ll constantly see them glued to their phones and tablets. I’m sure not everyone is like that but there’s definitely enough to see how much kids nowadays have changed. I guess my only advice for them is to go out and see the world, and to find something that they’re interested in. Look for something that’s able to push you forward as the day goes by. I think life is too short to have our noses stuck in our phones.

What would you say makes a gentleman in this modern era?

Someone with a good and giving heart. You can have good looks and all the money in the world but if you’re not humble and selfless, it’s all meaningless.

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