Wong Yu Jin

Wellness Guru & Founder of Healthpro Solutions

“I had always wanted to be a lawyer, because I had a talent for speaking and making good arguments,” Wong Yu Jin tells me as we sit down to have a chat behind the scenes of the A-List shoot; and for a while he was. After obtaining his Law degree Wong worked as a litigation lawyer before eventually heading into the investment banking industry where he experienced the corporate lifestyle. “It was really hard work. 14-15-hour days. But it gave me an adrenaline rush.” Wong explains.

The real turning point in his life came when his senior director suffered from a heart attack right in the office, forcing Wong to re-evaluate his life. Since that incident, Wong has dedicated his life to health and wellness, eventually becoming a ‘Wellness Guru’ of sorts where he lives a healthy balanced lifestyle while prompting others to do the same. Not one to take things lightly, Wong spent four years back in university studying Nutrition and even learnt Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Timeline Therapy before coming back to Malaysia to establish Healthpro Solutions. “It’s very sad to see many people aspiring to take care of their health but not really taking the first step.”

Through this organisation, Wong gives motivational talks in large corporations like Citibank, Celcom, Nestlé and Exxonmobil to inspire their employees to live a well-balanced life. “I am not saying stop going out and socialising because, in fact, that is really good for your emotional wellbeing but I’m saying there needs to be a balance between the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of your life.”

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